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Case Study

Civil Construction

Johns Road Four-Laning

The four-laning of Johns Road was a project identified in New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA) Roads of National Significance (RoNS) project.

RoNS is part of the Government’s National Infrastructure Plan for transport. The projects are based around New Zealand’s five largest population centres, with the main focus being the movement of people and freight safely 
and efficiently. In Christchurch, the RoNS project strategic plan is to provide critical access to and from the Christchurch CBD, the Christchurch International Airport and the Port of Lyttelton. (Source -

Our part

Citycare was responsible for construction of the upgrade of Johns Road between Sawyers Arms Road and Harewood Road, seeing this section of Johns Road change from a two lane to a four lane stretch. As part of the four-laning work – and as a permanent safety measure for motorists – right-hand entry into McLeans Island Road from Johns Road was eliminated through the use of a wire median barrier. Citycare also installed new lighting and managed the roadside landscaping. Construction started in January 2013 and was completed in early 2014.

Informing the masses

Careful stakeholder management was required for those who were geographically affected by works as well as commuters and other road users. Quarterly Contractor Updates were published and distributed in partnership with NZTA. VMS (Variable Messaging Sign) boards were also used to notify approaching traffic of any major traffic management changes.

Against the odds

Not only was this the largest road construction project Citycare has undertaken to date, it was also a high profile site involving thousands of vehicle movements each day. The Johns Road four-laning worksite was also the third roading project in two years to begin along the stretch of road from Belfast to Hornby, adding to the already slow traffic flows along this part of State Highway 1. Also contributing to the commuter numbers were businesses that had shifted to the west of Christchurch following the Canterbury Earthquakes. Well monitored traffic management was key in moving vehicles around and through the site safely and as quickly as possible. Exceptional weather incidents such as heavy rainfall and strong winds added additional challenges to onsite crews. Despite this, Citycare still delivered the project ahead of programme