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Citycare Property provides services to asset owners and users that reduce the total cost of ownership, extend the economic life of assets and reduce the disruption associated with maintenance and repair works. We achieve this through our ability to bundle and integrate a broad range of property services, supported by strong contract and project management and efficient work force planning. By knowing and understanding our customers’ specific issues and constraints, we are able to engineer solutions that deliver the specified outcomes.

Going forward, we are confident we will become recognised as an innovative market leader, well-known for the quality of our service and our ability to deliver solutions that keep our communities running and engaged.

Being a leader should not be confused with being the biggest. Leadership means being recognised by our people, customers and our communities for having the most capable, committed people, a deep understanding of customer and community needs, leading-edge innovations and an unmatched reputation for service delivery.

Our legacy will be visible in the parks and facilities that we build, manage and maintain.

*Citycare Group runs a fully integrated, New Zealand-based customer service hub, handling all inbound customer service calls 24/7, as well as workflow management and job scheduling services for all our customers and internal divisions.

The most advanced call management solution available means our customers benefit from a fully tailored service that delivers maximum flexibility and instant service in real-time. Our system also integrates seamlessly with our workflow management platforms.

Citycare Property is able to offer a range of services to prepare your business to continue to operate safely in a Covid-19 environment.

  • Enhanced cleaning services
  • Cleaning equipment and dispenser installation
  • HVAC system tuning and filter upgrades
  • Physical distancing signs, line marking and barriers
  • Office alterations and corporate accommodation
  • Building checks and maintenance

Click here for more information on these services.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has also created an urgent need for all property and assets owners such as schools, hospitals, event centres and local authorities to review their current maintenance programmes and implement immediate enhance Facilities Maintenance regimes. Click here for more information.

If your business needs assistance with practical options to enable you to operate safely, get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

Services include:

  • Facilities management (FM) and asset optimisation
  • Asset Management (AM) and condition assessment
  • Property maintenance and trade services
  • Property cleaning services
  • A 24/7 customer service centre*
  • Open space and parks maintenance (OSM)
  • Tree and arborist services
  • Building construction and minor capital works
  • Project management services

Quality approved:

  • Full insurance cover
  • 100% SAFE workplace
  • Orion-approved line clearance
  • Traffic management service
  • Council-approved
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • ISO 9001 accredited

Winner 2018 NZRA Outstanding Community Recreation Programme

A partnership between Citycare and the Student Volunteer Army (SVA), known as Community guardians was formed after the Christchurch earthquakes and is here to help with community clean-ups, planting, mulching and much more. The judges saw this as community engagement on a grand scale and were impressed by the scalability of the programme and how it could easily be adapted in communities throughout New Zealand. 

Banner artwork Outstanding Community Recreation Programme 2018 WINNER

Construction & Fitout

Woolston Community Facility

Sitting atop a deep gravel raft, the rebuild of Woolston's popular community facility following the Christchurch earthquake sequence presented significant challenges, with a large number of construction components.

This rebuild project also involved a large amount of community input, with hugely successful, long-lasting relationships formed.

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News and views

Thermal weeding gets up a head of steam

“We also use weed seeker technology in conjunction with herbicides. The weed seeker ensures that herbicide is automatically sprayed when a weed is detected, rather than continuous spraying whether there is a weed or not. This can reduce herbicide use by as much as 80%.“Citycare is committed to constant innovation...

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