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Flood gate testing

Citycare Water staff have a reputation and legacy as first responders during emergencies and extreme weather events and they also actively prepare to manage risk and protect our communities should these events occur.

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Pump Averill St after8

TLC for critical assets

Water and wastewater pump stations across Christchurch are currently being refurbished by Citycare Property to update the city council buildings which are a critical part of the community’s infrastructure assets.

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Gateway Dave Kim Kala Gateway student and Brett at the Stratford branch2

Gateway to a job

Giving it a try and spending some valuable time alongside the Citycare Water teams while they work is becoming a true gateway to employment experience for high school students in Taranaki and Auckland.

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Transfer stations upgraded

Christchurch waste and refuse transfer stations at Sockburn and Bromley have new metal ceilings and roofs as part of a 40-year renovation and upgrade managed by Citycare Property.

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Back to the Classroom

During July members of the Citycare Water team took themselves back to the classroom to share their knowledge with a new generation.

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Sissons Drain after2

Creating fish habitats

Innovative landscaping by Citycare Property is providing native fish with new habitats in Christchurch waterways and enhancing water quality.

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Timaru Rose St3

Supporting Timaru

Citycare Water is celebrating the extension of its Three Waters maintenance services contract for Timaru District residents for a further two years.

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Schedulers - behind the scenes of smooth running operations

Let’s take a look behind the scenes in our scheduling department. Wearing many hats, they are first responders, workflow managers, matchmakers and a great bunch of friendly people. Watch for more…

Hoon Hay School trucks and diggers2

Hoon Hay School redevelopment

Refurbishment of the school hall was the first step in Hoon Hay Te Kura Kōaka’s redevelopment undertaken by Citycare Property’s Construction Team in Christchurch.

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Nick Odhiambo 3

Mentoring future engineers

Learning through experience is a sure way to promote interesting careers in the water industry and Citycare Water’s support for engineering internships fosters tomorrow’s workforce in this way.

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Georgia Grice2

Enjoying a non-traditional role

Labourer-operator Georgia Grice stands out as a female working in a non-traditional role for Citycare Property and she’s keen to support young women who are motivated to work in the physical and practical side of the construction industry she loves.

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Krishna Kaliappan3

Insights from data

Collecting data on the day-to-day operations of potable water networks is a core responsibility for Citycare Water as the information assists our clients with their decision-making on water assets.

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Painters social housing4

Experts at improving home healthiness

Renovations at social housing properties all over the country are expertly achieved by Citycare Property teams dedicated to ensuring tenants have warm, dry, safe and secure homes.

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Backflow 2

Backflow prevention work

Citycare Water is working with the Christchurch City Council (CCC) to improve the safety of the city’s public water supply by reducing the threat of contamination by backflow.

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Property trucks 6

Upgrade of fleet

Citycare Property is upgrading its fleet with the addition of modern vehicles which combine lower exhaust emissions and improved safety standards.

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