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New Maraetai Beach bins

Maraetai Park at Maraetai Beach is cleaner for the public to enjoy after new bins were installed for Auckland Council.

The vibrant new bins have a larger capacity for rubbish and are more sustainable and efficient.

The bin houses invented by our partners Civic Group, are designed and made in New Zealand and fit over larger capacity 120-litre wheelie bins.

The bin house is made from 100% recycled plastic with an aluminium frame, which can also be recycled easily, Civic Group Director Bjorn Revfeim says.

It’s also great value for money for our customers as it’s priced at less than half the cost of a standard 60L metal street bin.

For the team collecting the waste, the new bin combination is safer to handle. The bins are rolled away and then hoisted mechanically and tipped into the truck, thus avoiding any staff injuries from lifting bags, Bjorn says.

The striking bin houses keep rubbish contained and out of sight.

So far, they are proving to be a great success in the trial of 15 bins installed at Maraetai Beach, with no overflowing rubbish this summer, and a cleaner, brighter beachfront reserve for the public to enjoy.

More bins will appear in other areas soon.


Civiv Bin Housing Maraetai 2Civiv Bin Housing Maraetai 02