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Protecting the Plant

Tauranga City has recently completed a significant project to connect the Matapihi community facilities and nearby properties to the public wastewater network. The Council agreed to connect the community’s two marae, Waikari and Hungahungatoroa, the kura and kohanga reo to the network at the same time. This means they no longer need to rely on septic tank systems.

The Council has installed pump stations which take all waste liquids from the property and then transfer them through a network of pipes to Te Maunga Wastewater Treatment Plant. Given the precision of the pump stations it is important that heavy loads are not placed on top – meaning no car parking or driving over them. This is where the Citycare Property team entered the picture.

The Citycare team designed and built planter boxes and pergolas to cover the structures at the two marae and to discourage parking on top of the pumps. The work was carried out late in 2019 and a key to the success of the project was working in with the marae around planned events. The result is well designed and constructed landscaping that is effective in deterring parking and preserving the integrity of the wastewater system.

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