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Help is on its way

When Christchurch residents report an issue with their water, various Citycare Water teams step in to ensure the problem is repaired in a timely way.

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CCC call centre2

Collaborating to fix water issues

Thousands of residents report water reticulation problems in Christchurch each month and prioritising the fixes is a continuous exemplar of collaboration between the council and Citycare Water.

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Balclutha 2

An extraordinary repair

Repairing the only pipeline supplying water to the northern half of Balclutha recently involved ingenuity and extensive health and safety measures due to the tricky location suspended above the Clutha River.

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Fish on drains St Albans 2

Fish on drains

Blue fish plaques representing school pupils’ respect for their stormwater drains are cropping up all over Christchurch.

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Covid Ross Pudney Milton

COVID-19 sampling

As wastewater testing has been extended around New Zealand during the latest COVID-19 outbreak, smaller communities have become involved and Citycare Water’s Clutha team has played an important part in this early warning system.

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Waitara 1

Flood gate testing

Citycare Water staff have a reputation and legacy as first responders during emergencies and extreme weather events and they also actively prepare to manage risk and protect our communities should these events occur.

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Gateway Dave Kim Kala Gateway student and Brett at the Stratford branch2

Gateway to a job

Giving it a try and spending some valuable time alongside the Citycare Water teams while they work is becoming a true gateway to employment experience for high school students in Taranaki and Auckland.

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Back to the Classroom

During July members of the Citycare Water team took themselves back to the classroom to share their knowledge with a new generation.

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Timaru Rose St3

Supporting Timaru

Citycare Water is celebrating the extension of its Three Waters maintenance services contract for Timaru District residents for a further two years.

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Schedulers - behind the scenes of smooth running operations

Let’s take a look behind the scenes in our scheduling department. Wearing many hats, they are first responders, workflow managers, matchmakers and a great bunch of friendly people. Watch for more…

Krishna Kaliappan3

Insights from data

Collecting data on the day-to-day operations of potable water networks is a core responsibility for Citycare Water as the information assists our clients with their decision-making on water assets.

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Backflow 2

Backflow prevention work

Citycare Water is working with the Christchurch City Council (CCC) to improve the safety of the city’s public water supply by reducing the threat of contamination by backflow.

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Always have your learning mindset on

How many people can say they truly love what they do? Taniela has recently been promoted to Supervisor of Metering and Hydrants for Citycare Water in Auckland. He is leading a team of two who are working and earning, while also getting qualified.

Flooding digger2

Wild weather work

Wild weather events require Citycare Water’s teams to be on-call 24 hours, ready to get stuck in when the community needs them as storms hit.

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CCTV - the camera detectives

Our teams are a part of the fabric of our communities. A Citycare truck or van parked on the side of the road is a common sight. But what exactly do they do? Here, Kristos and Des, who are CCTV operators with Citycare Water, explain their job as “Camera Detectives”.

Karitane 10

Going with the flow

By its very nature, provision of water services involves working in the local environment and Citycare Water Dunedin confronted the ebb and flow of the tides during an emergency repair in Karitane recently.

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2 in a ute team final2

Celebrating success

The 2 in a Ute pilot project to maintain water sensitive stormwater assets has successfully established four mentor-mentee teams working in their local communities across Auckland.

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Halls Farm water storage tanks2

Viable water alternatives

With drought conditions in our largest city now well established, investigating and developing viable alternative water sources for Aucklanders has become an integral part of Citycare Water’s work.

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Tahuna biofilter 6

Out-of-the-box thinking

The life of four odour-control biofilter beds at the Tahuna wastewater treatment plant in Dunedin has been extended with some remediation work by Citycare Water developed through some out-of-the-box thinking.

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Te Mana o te Wai- Valuing our water

Water is such an integral part of our business and our lives outside the parameters of work that we want to mark World Water Day and celebrate the fantastic efforts our Citycare Water team make today and every day.

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Two in a Ute - one year on

Two in a Ute is a local employment and upskilling to social franchise initiative delivering positive sustainable and socio-economic outcomes for our Auckland community.

Fire Brigade Nia8

Supporting volunteer firefighters

Volunteer firefighters respond to the piercing sirens signaling an emergency in their community and all over New Zealand these tough and brave people juggle their work commitments and helping in a crisis.

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Otara creek water 6

Getting stuck in

When a South Auckland childcare centre sought help for a massive stream clean-up, crews from Citycare Water and Two in a Ute stepped up for the environment.

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earthquake 2010 59

Ten years on: Our stories

Citycare teams worked tirelessly to repair and restore infrastructure after the catastrophic Christchurch earthquake of 22 February, 2011.

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Mei Li work2

Female role models

Encouraging women to work in non-traditional roles in the infrastructure industry is a key strategy to improve diversity for Citycare Water.

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Drain game 4

Supporting water education

Helping Auckland school kids to learn more about the environmental consequences of our everyday lives is a cause Citycare Water is proud to support.

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CCTV Timaru 4 low res

CCTV camera detectives

Closed-circuit television specialists are the Citycare Water detectives who investigate what is causing stormwater and wastewater pipe blockages for councils all over New Zealand.

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Cardona concrete pour 3

Bespoke water treatment projects

Apex Environmental specialises in the design and build of bespoke water and wastewater treatment plants of all sizes throughout New Zealand, solving the challenges often thrown up by remote locations, having to integrate works into existing facilities and the unique environmental circumstances of each site.

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Highlighting careers in three waters

Citycare Water’s core three waters business involves keeping our environment and waterways clean and healthy, something which is appealing to job seeking conservation volunteers.

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Peter and Tim

Citycare Water and Citycare Property Announce CE Appointments

Following the departure of Onno Mulder as CEO of Citycare Group in October 2020, the Board of Citycare have confirmed the positions of Tim Gibson as Chief Executive Citycare Water and Peter Lord as Chief Executive Citycare Property.

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Mission Heights 1 low res2

Water quality and sustainability lessons

Planting riparian buffers of native plants at a South Auckland waterway not only improves the local water quality, but also provides an opportunity for school students to learn about sustainability.

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Collingwood DTS manhole2

Technology reduces the risk of untreated water discharge

In a first for the Southern Hemisphere, Citycare Water is using the latest technology to pinpoint temperature changes in water networks and reduce the risk of untreated water being discharged into the environment.

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Cockle Bay 4

Re-using precious Auckland water

Citycare aims to always work collaboratively and sustainably so embraced the opportunity that water restrictions in Auckland created for both.

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Snow Clutha 3

A bit of snow doesn’t stop us!

Snow, hail or rain – Citycare teams work 24/7 in communities all over New Zealand regardless of the weather.

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Drought a community experience

Working local means Citycare teams are part of the communities where we live, experiencing life’s ups and downs alongside our friends and neighbours.

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Good day for a lift

A small leak leads to a massive hillside clean-up

Innovative thinking by the Citycare Water maintenance team was needed recently to solve the difficult problem of a hillside washout caused by a small water leak at Taylor’s Mistake, Christchurch.

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Kerrod Baldwin

Local knowledge essential

Locals taking care of critical assets in their communities – that’s the role of the 22-strong Citycare Water team providing three waters services to the Clutha District.

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Mikey Thompson2.jpg

Dealing in the muck

A bit of thanks from the public goes a long way to brighten the day for Citycare Water teams in South Auckland protecting the community by cleaning up wastewater spillages.

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facebook Linked Image Pump team 6

On call 24/7

Wastewater pipes still get blocked regardless of New Zealand being in Alert Level 4 or 3 and Citycare Water teams are on call 24/7.

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Citycare Water Dunedin

Water and humour essential in Dunedin

Sharing a laugh is an essential part of the team culture as the Dunedin Citycare Water staff provide continuous water supplies, stormwater drainage and wastewater treatment for the city’s residents and businesses through a 1,450-kilometre pipe network.

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John Quinn

Fixing burst pipes

Work is different every day for the Citycare Water construction team in South Auckland – and that’s how John Quinn loves it.

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Weed Heathcote2

Aquatic weeding to prevent flooding

Aquatic weed removal crews in Christchurch have received lots of compliments from the public as they’ve walked by during their exercise breaks in the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Stormwater March 3

Essential work in all weather

A few days of rain in the early stages of the national COVID-19 lockdown has meant a team of 28 workers in the Citycare Water Christchurch land drainage and waterways team has been busy clearing stormwater grates and checking essential stormwater outflows.

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17 10 City Care Water 118

H2O appreciation

With most Kiwis at home presently, there’s extra pressure on our water systems.

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Aotea Great Barrier site 2

Drought-stricken rural Aucklanders get emergency water

Residents in rural Auckland are tapping into Citycare’s water expertise to relieve unprecedented dry conditions.

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DSC 1635

2 in a Ute

Citycare Water and Auckland Council have just launched an initiative to maintain water sensitive stormwater assets. These are naturalised assets that are intended to filter out pollutants from storm water run-off and improve the quality of the water that filters into Auckland’s waterways.

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Citycare Water

Stratford District Council – Three Waters Contract

Citycare Water have added Stratford District Council to our long list of District Council clients, meaning we now provide maintenance for this critical infrastructure for some 1.9 million New Zealanders.

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LDV handover 3 Andy Hart web version3

Citycare Water gets behind the wheel of LDV e-V80 Van

The LDV e-V80 panel van is one of the first 10 of these vehicles to arrive in New Zealand, and is now in use by Citycare Water on the streets of Christchurch.

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