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Our People :

At City Care our people are highly committed to making our company the best in the business. Our achievements, such as our strong market reputation and position, are due to the significant contribution made by each and every member of our team.

our-peopleCity Care's Executive Management Team

City Care's Executive Management Team provides strategic leadership, direction and operational goal setting for the company. Members share a common strength in leadership, specialist operational knowledge and strategic management experience. The team favours an inclusive management style with a focus on leading by example.
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City Care's Board of Directors

City Care's Board of Directors is appointed by our shareholder, Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL). The Board is responsible for the proper direction and control of our company's activities. The Board's primary objective is to build long-term shareholder value taking into account due consideration of other stakeholder interests.

All members of the Board are independent non-executive Directors.
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