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Vision & Values :

City Care's values represent our culture and provide the framework for the way we do things. Having an excellent attitude to work, seeking out ways we can become better and better at what we do and showing respect for ourselves and others are what City Care's values are based on. We are proud of the way our staff live our values and this often leads to compliments from our clients as to the way in which our people have exceeded the customer service levels expected of them.

build partners

The key to our success is positive client relationships

By working with our clients as one team with common goals and values, we are able to provide our clients and customers with high levels of service. A strong public service ethic and an in-depth understanding of the local government environment ensure City Care is in tune with local body issues and stakeholder demands.

we create stars

We educate, train, mentor and coach others whenever we can

City Care is committed to the development of a highly skilled workforce. We have a company-wide staff development programme in place, which gives all employees the opportunity to gain relevant qualifications and specifically focuses on encouraging our trade staff to become trades-qualified. We also offer a range of other training on a regular basis, including first aid, driver training and traffic management.

better better

Every day we aim to get better and better at what we do

City Care is committed to a systematic approach to business to maximise performance.  Our quality systems are certified to comply with ISO 9001 standards and our environmental management systems are certified to ISO 14001. City Care is an accredited employer in the ACC Partnership Programme at tertiary level and our health and safety systems are also accredited to NZS 4801. We constantly seek innovative business practices that will reduce negative environmental impacts, including waste minimisation and energy efficiency.

one team

We manage the whole company as a system of interconnecting parts

We continually seek improvement in our knowledge, skills, creativity, motivation and performance. We run an award-winning health and safety awareness programme called 'Behave Safe' where staff voluntarily observe each other performing in their roles. Behave Safe's objective is to improve health and safety performance by focusing on employee behaviours in the workplace. At City Care it is everyone's responsibility to look out for their own safety as well as that of their workmates.

consider tom

We are responsible and sustainable

At City Care we manage our activities in a way that recognises our social, environmental and economic responsibilities. We have transparent reporting structures that measure our performance in maximising shareholder value, the ethical treatment of our employees and our effect on the wider community and the environment. We seek sustainable growth through a focus on the future and a willingness to make long-term commitments to our stakeholders. City Care has a commitment to demonstrating leadership within the business community, particularly with regard to our ethical approach to the environmental and social impacts we have on our surrounding communities.