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Maintaining our nation's infrastructure assets to enhance the lives of all New Zealanders.

City Care provides maintenance services to over half the population of New Zealand. Our teams of dedicated people are everywhere, working around the clock tending thousands of hectares of open spaces and providing specialist horticultural, arboricultural and turf management services.

Our state-of-the-art technologies and leading-edge job management systems convey our renowned maintenance service delivery to over 19,000 KMs of three waters pipelines and 635 KMs of road networks nationwide.

City Care is New Zealand's largest and most trusted provider of water, wastewater and stormwater services, maintaining over 19,000kms of piping networks to 24% of properties throughout the country. Our reputation is built on the quality of our service, our value for money, the reliability of our systems and most of all the skill and dedication of our people. We are the "go-to" contractor for all New Zealand's underground infrastructure needs.

City Care is the largest and most experienced provider of open space maintenance services in New Zealand.

Through our complete road maintenance service offering, City Care supports asset owners in providing safe, accessible and well-maintained roading networks for road users. Our market-leading IT solutions provide substantial gains in productivity and streamlined asset management for our clients. We also assist in the production of clients' Forward Work Programmes for all major roading and related activities, in addition to the preventative maintenance strategies which drive contract delivery.       CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Full contract management Working with clients to drive preventative maintenance Developing asset management strategies SURFACING We provide a high quality and durable finish to any project: Chipsealing Decorative paving Street bonding Asphaltic concrete surfacing and cutting and placement services FULL RANGE OF ROAD MAINTENANCE ACTIVITIES Road re-sealing Amenity cleaning New and re-spraying of road markings Traffic signage installation Asphalt plant - providing a range of asphaltic products IANZ accredited laboratory conducting: Road materials and foundation testing Road, material and site investigations

We provide a high quality and durable finish to any project:            

We provide our clients with a tailored end-to-end project management and construction service comprising:          

Our teams work around the clock to provide safe working spaces for road workers and to keep the traffic flowing safely. They're on site day and night, working as part of construction and maintenance activities, assisting with event traffic management, helping pedestrians stay safe and answering questions from local residents.

we'll keep your trees in shape We've been looking after the Garden City's treescapes for decades, and now we're pleased to offer our tree services direct to the public.