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City Care is the largest and most experienced provider of open space maintenance services in New Zealand.

We pursue constructive relationships with clients where ongoing updates and enhancements to our services are quickly and easily implemented. Indeed, constant improvement is one of the cornerstones of our service philosophy; we believe that innovation is something that should be done on a daily basis, and that the gains should be passed on to our customers immediately.Whether it's a playground, reserve, sportsfield, waterway, coastal area, park, cemetery or garden, we are the maintenance service provider of choice for most local government authorities. We also offer specialist horticultural, arboricultural and turf management services.

Our contracts are self-delivered by our own people who are very passionate about their work and deeply committed to supporting New Zealand's clean green values. With nationwide teams and resources to call on, we're not only up to speed with local and seasonal knowledge, we're also able to mobilise instantly to join the frontline in emergency response - such as the 2005 Tauranga floods and the Christchurch earthquakes.




  • Maintenance of quality amenity and turf

  • Design, planting and maintenance of landscape shrub plantings and annual displays

  • Replacement planting and seasonal renovations

  • Construction, installation and maintenance of outdoor furniture and hard paved areas

  • Maintenance of water features

  • Cleaning of toilet facilities

  • Graffiti removal

  • Litter collection


  • Mowing of sports turf

  • Seasonal over-sowing and fertilising

  • Compaction relief, aerovating and care of fields

  • Preparation of cricket wickets

  • Selective weed control

  • Sportsfield markings

  • Reconstruction and levelling

  • cleaning of toilet facilities


  • Development and maintenance care of cemeteries

  • Headstone restoration

  • Internment and sexton services


  • Planting, care and maintenance of annual displays, shrubs and ground cover

  • Replacement planting

  • Upgrade and renewal programmes

  • Mowing of roadside turf

  • Weed control and rubbish collection and removal


  • Scheduled and reactive maintenance of street and park trees

  • Electrical line clearance

  • Tree and stump removal

  • Transplanting of mature trees

  • Residential tree services - click for more info


  • Selective or total weed control by 'Grow Safe' accredited spray teams

  • Spray methods including broadcast, spot or hand application and underwater injection

  • Control of insects and fungal diseases on ornamentals and turf


  • Waterway and coastal enhancement and restoration

  • Riverbank vegetation control

  • Manual and mechanical weed control and harvesting

  • Collection and removal of river debris

  • Maintenance and care of open stormwater drains


  • Waterway naturalisation and maintenance

  • Native revegetation, planting and maintenance

  • Ecological restoration

  • Noxious weed control and removal


  • Educational facilities

  • Institutional facilities

  • Commercial facilities

  • Industrial facilities


  • Construction, installation and maintenance of playground equipment

  • Compliance

  • Inspections

  • Condition assessment


  • Boat ramps

  • Carparks

  • Outdoor furniture