main roadmaintenanceThrough our complete road maintenance service offering, City Care supports asset owners in providing safe, accessible and well-maintained roading networks for road users.

Our market-leading IT solutions provide substantial gains in productivity and streamlined asset management for our clients. We also assist in the production of clients' Forward Work Programmes for all major roading and related activities, in addition to the preventative maintenance strategies which drive contract delivery.



CCC Banks Peninsula Roading Maintenance 13/14-103

Subcontractors and suppliers wanting to provide pricing for the above project are invited to submit their information by 4.00pm Thursday 21 August 2014 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Full contract management

  • Working with clients to drive preventative maintenance

  • Developing asset management strategies


We provide a high quality and durable finish to any project:

  • Chipsealing

  • Decorative paving

  • Street bonding

  • Asphaltic concrete surfacing and cutting and placement services


  • Road re-sealing

  • Amenity cleaning

  • New and re-spraying of road markings

  • Traffic signage installation

  • Asphalt plant - providing a range of asphaltic products

  • IANZ accredited laboratory conducting:

    • Road materials and foundation testing

    • Road, material and site investigations