New Zealand’s largest and most trusted three waters provider

Safe, mature and experience driven-IP in all aspects of civil infrastructure.

Integrated property service solutions that deliver on specified outcomes

We discover. We deliver. We care.


We discover.

We are wholly focused on the development and deployment of innovation to enhance the services we provide. By harnessing technology, we discover opportunities to deliver new and valuable asset management practices to our clients.


Electric mower
at Christchurch
International Airport

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Steadily growing a
national presence
from the rubble of the
Canterbury earthquakes

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We deliver

Our scale and national presence afford us the ability to bundle services together, using innovation and technology to drive efficiency and realise tangible client benefits. We are known for our reliable delivery of the essential services that keep communities around the country functioning 24/7.


We Care.

Our genuine passion and care for the communities in which we operate sees us form deep and real connections through many collaborative community initiatives throughout the country, from regeneration projects to social housing support activities and various volunteer events.


A new collaboration
between the Student
Volunteer Army and
Citycare Group will lead
a nationwide shift in
community engagement

Community Guardians