Building on asset management and asset optimisation experience gleaned over several years, Citycare has developed its own proprietary data solutions technology platform that enjoys an open integration application and bespoke capability, which allows it to sit alongside or replace existing customer technology.

Citycare EventManager is a suite of job and asset management tools that seamlessly integrates all data capture, management and reporting into one integrated system, capable of tracking jobs from start to finish. The system provides a foundational technology framework that simultaneously enables technology-driven performance, drives the data to improve and adds the context to innovate. As data becomes easier to collect and input, the functionality of EventManager will also continue to develop.

The Citycare EventManager tool includes the following portals:

  • Mobile EventManager (MEM and MEMTaB): field-based interface used to capture all required job and asset data in real time (MEMTaB is optimised for tablets, including an enhanced mapping interface).
  • Customer EventManager (CEM): web-based interface that allows client access to job information in Citycare’s system and the ability to run predefined reports.
  • Customer Asset Manager (CAM); an asset database that mirrors our clients' asset data and allows job activities to be associated with individual assets, thereby helping to inform and drive our clients' asset management approach.